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this truth drives me into madness

i'm lost without you

just as i said to lady freeze as i pulled her plug "this is a one woman show"
somehow you've got everybody fooled
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Welcome to my world. I'm crazy and spontaneous. I don't follow the rules because I feel as though "rules are made to be broken". I don't care what anybody says about me, because they don't matter to me. The only opinions I care for are my family and close friends. Just recently I got married (11-05-05) to the most amazing man in this universe. He's just as crazy as I am, so we are the perfect pair. I fall in more in love with him each and every day. All of my entries are friend's only because I don't like to put my business out into the open for everyone to read, but if you ask politely I'll add you to the list.
the fans
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